Fear as an instrument of power

A lot of people, while discussing the events of the 25th of March, wonder — if the authorities should have broken up, in fact, the inoffensive demonsration so cruelly? It becomes clear, that it is an exertion of power for intimidation. Authorities are not going to discuss anything with lackeys under equal conditions. The fiat № 3 was adopted «in accordance with law» and nobody worries, that it led to the peak of bitterness of people against authorities. Despite the clear evidence on the web, bastards in uniform won’t be punished for what they did. But this raises another question – why did so many photos and videos with the mess of these bastards have appeared on the Internet.

Even before the Day of Will a lot of Internet media wrote about armed cops on the streets of our capital. At the same time (with our money) the effaceurs had not old Soviet AKs, but new tommy-guns MP-5. Before it, on the 15th of March photos with hidden in the yards paddy-wagons and cars with water cannons for crackdowns rolled off the net. It’s definetely not like the readiness for a dialogue, isn’t it? During the week pro-governmental media were vilifying our comrades and all the people, who was against the tyranny of Lukashenko’s clan.

On the Day of Will the number of effaceurs on the streets of Minsk broke all the limits. The effaceurs of all kinds were collected there: SWAT, internal military forces, special forces. The equipment was also very varied. From banal bludgeons to automatic weapons and sniper rifles. The vehicles of cops also didn’t come through: paggy-wagons, cars with water cannons, new buses, cars that jam the Internet and the comm and even the armored road-off vehicle “Tiger” with a machine-gun nest.

And we would like to focus on these above mentioned jammers. In the conditions, when all the streets around are blocked off with armed people and with the machines for disrupting the Internet and mobile communication, the extraordinary number of captures ,however, were breaking in different web-resources and newspapers (of course, not Belarusian). How could it have happened? Apparently the jammers were reserved for the case when the situation would get out of hand. For example, when protests would develop into clashes or any cop on edge would shoot a man. Of course, you could capture the footage and broadcast it online in YouTube, or make photos with smartphones and quickly send them in social networks. But if the effaceurs had got an order, would it have helped? The comm would be blocked totally or almost totally, and a man with a camera would be physically unable to hide from cops, who would be controlling the streets. Anyone could have been arrested instantly. To confiscate the gadgets is also a matter of one second. But it didn’t happen. Why?

Apparently the authorities decided to shut up the mouths of all disgruntled people in this way. Pro-governmental media were brosdcasting about Nazis, anarchists, “the Right Sector”, radicals, who were preparing Maidan. But who believes them now? It’s more a window dressing for the record. Moreover the results of the research, which has shown that great majority of Belarusian youth doesn’t believe the information, which is shown on TV, have been published recently. The talks about “dialogues and care” are only talks, but the key message was made by the authorities. If you try to say something or go out on the street, police bastards will strike you at the first onset. And after it you will be arrested and will get a forfeit, could be fired from work or could be eliminated from the university.

We would like to point out the next. A lot of oppositionists were happy and said that the EU would not give any money to the dictator then. But “real politics” becomes a fair answer of “democratic” countries more often. The reality is so that Lukashenko could get a credit from the EU. The European Union doesn’t care about our problems, they are in conflict with Putin’s Russia. And to realise their interests and get one more country in a sphere of influence, they are ready to give money even to the dictator, whom it’s worthless to bleed on his own nation. Even if you and your relatives are grinned into powder with bludgeons or if you are shot every day on the squares, for the officials of the EU we will be not more than Lukashenko’s slaves, with whom he could be cruel and have the right to control us as he wish. Although, apparently, Alexander Grigorievich decided not to risk and made his next manoeuvre to the side of Putin’s dictatorship: there his methods will not be critisized, on the contrary, they will be supported and will be praised.

And the words “Westetn media have repoted the news” are ingenuous. Mass media need sensations and they publish them. This world reportage could give us the solidarity of other countries max, but it will not change our situation fundamentally.
But you could bring about the retaliation. The belief of the bastards in their impunity is a win for us. Without fail many of you have got to know in some cops-screwballs your own neighbors or acquaintances. Send the information about them to our e-mail, Telegram or “VKontakte” in the heading #BelarusianCops or add them on our new site Banda Luki.

Don’t forget about one thing – nobody but we will do justice and take back our freedom. Neither Europe, nor mass media and sanctions. Only we, organizing and moving ahead in plants, on the street, at colleges and universities, could change something. Waiting time has passed. It’s the time for action.

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