1. By all means my friend. Of course, that’s true. I am very proud of you guys. I wish you the best success. Anarchy! Freedom! Nothing Else!

    End the dictatorship and light a beacon of freedom across the world. Never lose hope my friends. never lose hope.

  2. Maybe you should organise a general strike against the regime? Ask soldiers to mutiny against the generals and the regime of Lukashenka etc.

    Much love from the rest of the world, free your country from Lukashenko and make yourselves anarchist, then free Russia and the world…


    1. You know, it’s very easy to say smtn like “organise a general strike”, but in our country it’s a big success, if 5000 people gather on protest. Belarusian people are passive and scared, they (we) are not ready for such things as general strike

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