The anarchists came out to the metro station Kuntsawschchyna with the banner “Self-organization instead of dictatorship”. They encouraged to fight the dictatorship of Lukashenko’s clan. The authorities farm up cases against bloggers, owners of large social media channels, and ordinary protesters. Predictably, there will be no election. Why do we need elections, anyway? Belarusians have shown that we are capable of solving our problems by ourselves without any leaders. The

During the pre-election protests, a large number of police officers were detected in the persecution of citizens, repression, detentions, and perjury. There are dossiers on many of them, and some also have indicated residential addresses and relatives on the “Banda Luki” website. Practice shows that scoundrels participating in repression try to avoid publicity in every possible way: cover their faces, delete social networks, and hide information. Apparently, least of all,

#038;feature= This video is a simple instruction on the organizing of locking arms by protesters. It will allow complicating arrest during mass protests. Locking arms can be used both by small groups (8-10 people) and at large demonstrations. It’s important to remember that this locking is effective while protesters aren’t beaten. Unite and Fight!

There is an upswing in protests in Belarus. The main reason is Lukashenko and 25 years of his rule. It is now obvious that discontent has become widespread, and it excellently demonstrates queues on the picket and chains of solidarity throughout the country. At the same time, few believe in the elections themselves as a way to overthrow the dictator, the “protest” candidates confirm this too. But unfortunately, many opponents of

Sergei Romanov is an anarchist from Gomel, who was released from the penitentiary in summer 2019. Before that we had not written about his case at the request of Sergei himself, he saw no point in revealing his data and details of the ; For many years Sergei was constantly persecuted by law enforcement agencies for his political beliefs and civic position, and since there are few politically active people

There is an information in the web about arrest of two anarchists in Minsk: Ivan Komar and Nikita Emelyanov. It is at least 5th case of anarchist arresting or searches caused by criminal case in last month. They are changed with intentional damage to property (articles 218 and 314 of Crimina Codex). Apparently it connected to arson of the prison on Volodarskogo st. and action near Minsk City Court. Right

Belarusian anarchists continue street campaigning against the newly introduced “deferral” law, which drives even more young people into draft slavery. In Minsk, Grodno, Brest, leaflets were distributed about the new law and methods to fight back. On one of the military registration and enlistment offices in Brest, the banner “Deputies to the army, students to study” was hung. Self-organization in small groups and street campaigning to attract people – this is

: It has become known that two anarchists were detained on suspicion of arson of an advertising billboard in Ivatsevichi. A video of the action is above. The comrades names are Kirill Alekseev and Igor Makarevich. Now they are being held in isolation under investigation in the city of Baranovichi. They are accused of malicious hooliganism committed by a group of people (maximum term for this article is 6 years in prison). Write letters,